Your spear shaft is several times more expensive than spears from other manufacturers. Why?
Standard spear shafts are manufactured from a sharpened, standard stainless-steel type bar. Our products are made using advanced technologies from the latest generation materials: unique alloys and high-grade stainless steel, which is used in nuclear, chemical, as well as pharmaceutical industries with extreme conditions.
Why, despite the cost, is it worth buying your spear shaft?
In what conditions is it worth using it? The main advantage of the 3S spear shaft is its range. To achieve identical performance with a standard spear shaft, you will have to spend a large amount of money on a more expensive and longer speargun. At the same time, 3S spear shafts, especially Premium ones, are more rigid and durable than the steel ones, moreover, the forward-shifted center of gravity increases the straightness and accuracy of the spear shaft's flight. In addition, the 3S spear shafts are absolutely resistant to water and salt corrosion and are equipped with a heavy-duty carbide tip. The 3S spear shafts are designed for hunting in clear seawater. The use of the 3S spear shafts in rivers, lakes or the Baltic Sea with a visibility of 1.5-3 meters does not make much sense. For freshwater applications, the 3S tip is sufficient.
How strong is the 3S spear shaft compared to the steel ones, can it bend or break?
The materials of the standard and the Premium 3S spear shafts are more than ¼ and 1.5 times respectively, more rigid and durable, than the material used in the best spear shafts. Therefore, the durability of the 3S spear shafts with a diameter of 6.35 mm is greater than that of the standard spear shafts with a diameter of 7 mm. Alas, even such a spear shaft can, under certain conditions, bend and damage the structure of the inner layers in the spear shaft's body.
Can I put my spear tips or tridents on your spear shaft?
If you purchase our 3S threaded version spear shaft and our 3S to M6 adapter, you will be able to fit any spear tip with an M6 thread.
Why buy a 3S spear tip?
Made from special and modern-day alloys, our unique, patented, 3S tip will increase the range of your speargun with your standard spear shaft by 15-25%, while its razor-sharp, double-sided, replaceable carbide head will withstand most obstacles and will easily penetrate any fish scales.
Will your spear tip fit my spear shaft?
If you are going to use our innovative 3S spear tip with an M6 threaded standard spear shaft, you will also need to purchase our M6 to 3S adapter.
Can I return a purchased spear shaft or spear tip?
Each 3S spear shaft is custom made, with your specific length, and cannot be returned. However, if you find an obvious defect in the 3S spear shaft you have received, you can return it within 30 days in exchange for a 3S spear shaft of the same type and length. The spear tip is a standard product. If defects are found, it can be returned within 30 days, with a full refund. (Excluding shipping costs)
How quickly can you build and ship items?
Manufacturing a specific spear shaft, according to your order, takes 1-3 weeks. This depends on the type and length you choose. After the manufacturing process, it will be sent to you within 3 working days. For some models and sizes, pre-orders are accepted with a lead time of 3-4 months. Spear tips, adapters, and other parts purchased separately are shipped within a week.